Pleated Draperies in guest bedroom
Pleated Draperies in guest bedroom These black out lined, pinch pleated draperies hang from custom traversing wrought iron rods. Perfect for visiting guests!
Fauxwood Blinds and Cornices in den
Fauxwood Blinds and Cornices in den Light control is provided by the faux wood blinds in this den. The cornices with shaped bottoms echo the arch top of the bookcases.
Goblet Pleat Draperies in livingroom
Goblet Pleat Draperies in livingroom These beautiful goblet pleat lined draperies hang on café rods. They really complete the look in this living room.
Woven Wood Shades in livingroom
Woven Wood Shades in livingroom These woven wood shades are a great look in this beach condo living room! These shades are lined for “peace of mind” privacy.
Pinch Pleats on Estate Rod in master bedroom
Pinch Pleats on Estate Rod in master bedroom Quality is a must for Vintage Interiors! Here you see top quality in the workmanship of these pinch pleats and in the wood Estate rod with rings and finial end caps.
Vertical Cellular Shades in lanai
Vertical Cellular Shades in lanai These vertical cellular shades are a unique look in this lanai. They give totally privacy, let diffused sunlight in and stack tight when opened.


Vintage Interiors is known for beautiful custom window treatments designed by Tim Huff. From an eleborate 3 layer fabric treatment to the simple wood blind with cotton tapes, detail is always the most important factor. No detail is ever left out.

It is also a team effort with Vintage Interiors. Tim meets with the client, fabric samples and/or blind samples in hand. He discusses privacy, light control and design style with the client. Along with coordinating colors and fabrics, he also measures and estimates the project. Once the project gets the approval, fabrics, blinds, rods and accessories are ordered. When fabric arrives, it’s off to the drapery workroom with a detailed workrorder. Tim discusses the order and fabric with the workroom. With blinds and rods, it’s ordering everything correctly. Tim double and triple checks everything before ordering. Once the project is completed at the workroom, it’s time for the installer. Once again, Tim writes a detail workorder giving measuremets and details for the installation. He meets the installer at the home for the project and goes over everything. Tim is there to lend a helping hand or to tweek the finished project. Along with Tim, the workroom and installer all must do their part to present a beautiful finished product to the client.

Vintage Interiors uses only the finest area workrooms and only the best of installers. These featured treatments are just a small peek at some of the beautifully designed window treatments by Vintage Interiors. More photos and client recommendations can found on the Vintage Interior profiles on Facebook and

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